Retailer Support Programs

Become a Proven Winners® Certified Retailer with Pleasant View Gardens.

When you’re placing plant orders, you have a lot of choices. And breeders will dream up almost anything to dazzle you. So try this. We run our plants through stringent trials, to test both grower and garden performance, in container and in-ground situations. The result is that Proven Winners® will give you the most beautiful, consistent, and reliably successful plants in the world. No one else can make that claim. At all.

Become a Certified Retailer

It’s simple – a trained staff is more effective. Companies that invest in staff training routinely see an increase in productivity, revenue, and employee loyalty. While some training programs can be costly, we are offering to train your staff on Proven Winners® plants and products for FREE. Why? Because when you’re successful, we’re successful. We want you to be armed with everything you need to know to have a profitable season.

There are 1,384 other independent garden centers and 10,034 employees just like you, who became Certified Proven Winners® Retailers in 2019. 99% of them say they would recommend our training program to a co-worker. Training is available from Feb 1 through May 1 every year at

Certified Retailers gain greater visibility, plus rewards.

This year, it’s more important than ever to become a Certified Proven Winners® Retailer. That’s because starting the Spring of 2020, the Proven Winners® website will only feature retailers that have completed certification. This exclusivity is to give loyal retailers priority, sending consumers to those trained on Proven Winners® products and dedicated towards training staff on Proven Winners® plants. Certified retailers will automatically be listed on the Retailer Locator of the Proven Winners® website. To maintain your priority status, just maintain your yearly certification.

Expanded training available.

Join the Proven Winners® University and take advantage of a valuable benefit created exclusively for our Certified Retailers. Going beyond the topics covered in our Certified Training program, we’ve created a series of additional training videos on topics like container gardening, pollinators, garden pests, and sales and marketing tips. These 2-5-minute, informative videos can be used in weekly staff meetings, assigned to employees to complete on their own, or shown on a kiosk in your store.

Gardener’s Idea Book

Our passion is inspiring people with new ideas about how to use plants to make their world more beautiful. Each year, we produce our Gardener’s Idea Book which is filled with captivating designs, lavish container recipes, and gardening concepts we’d love gardeners to try, then backed by expanded content online at

This popular guide is distributed to 475,000 consumers by request only each year.57% of retailers have reported that customers come in to their stores with the Gardener’s Idea Book in hand and request plants by name. Take advantage of our exclusive co-op offer for retailers to make sure your customers receive one from your store.

Customize your message
Your customers are looking to their local IGCs for gardening ideas and inspiration. Let them know you are open for business and ready to serve them by sending out a customized Gardener’s Idea Book in Spring by visiting or contact Sandy at 815-895-1872 or

Garden Answer

Laura LeBoutillier is quite simply an emerging force in the field of gardening. She started Garden Answer in 2014, a YouTube how-to gardening vlog filled with style, expertise and helpful gardening knowledge.

From the time she was a child, Laura was surrounded by her Ontario, Oregon family garden and family business, Andrew’s Seed Co. Today, she attracts over 100,000 YouTube channel subscribers and has generated over 25 million views of her YouTube gardening videos. Garden Answer has 2.2 million follwers and over 450 million video views. She has become quite the sensation in just a short period of time, and these numbers are continually growing!

Take advantage of this opportunity to share Garden Answer videos with your customers.  Each year Garden Answer creates many videos featuring Proven Winners plants.

Today’s Purchasing Model:
Excite. Connect. Collect. Convert. Delight.

Show them an enticing offer, engage with them about it online, collect their information in exchange for the sale, and celebrate their delight with your product. Here’s how Proven Winners® is doing it every day through its social media channels.



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Traditional Marketing

  • Pleasant View Gardens Traditional MarketingNational Print Advertising: We’ll create millions of impressions of the Plants of the Year in our 2020 advertising campaign which reaches across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Gardener’s Idea Book: 475,000 copies of our popular Gardener’s Idea Book are distributed in the U.S. and Canada by request only every year.
  • E-Newsletter: Over 237,000 consumers have opted in to receive our monthly Winner’s Circle e-newsletter and that number continues to grow each year. This publication incudes articles on seasonal topics, key varieties of annuals, perennials, and shrubs, and features a Pinterest board, container recipe, and video.
  • Billboards: Billboards go up every Spring along the nation’s busiest roadways to remind consumers that it is time to head to their local retailer.
  • Websites: Over 6 million visitors have explored Proven Winners websites over the past year, including their main site and two additional micro-sites which focus on specific products and contain expanded content from the Gardener’s Idea Book: visited our websites this year:, and
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