Professional Fertilizers

Proven Winners® Professional Water-Soluble Fertilizers.

Proven Winners® provides seven different professional water-soluble fertilizers to accommodate every irrigation type. Growers can utilize them to improve pH management and retailers can sell them to assist customers with their pH problems.

Plant nutrition and pH are two very important factors in plant growth. And getting it right can mean the difference between plants growing successfully or not. Developed  by Proven Winners® growers, our professional fertilizers address a variety of issues across a range of growing conditions. Each formula contains 100% FeEDDHA, the best chelated iron formula available for improved plant iron uptake at high PH levels and to correct iron deficiency. Using the information below, just select the formula that best targets your water alkalinity range (based on a water test that’s less than three months old).

• 14-3-14 + Minors Low Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA

• 16-4-16 + Minors Moderate Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA

• 18-5-18 + Minors Moderately High Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA

• 17-4-17 + Minors High Alkalinity Formula with FeEDDHA

• 12-3-12 + Minors Cold Weather Formula with FeEDDHA

• 16-4-8 + Minors Greening/pH Reducing Formula with FeEDDHA

• 0-9-6 + Minors Plant Holding Formula with FeEDDHA

• Micronutrient Formula

Proven Winners® Professional Greenhouse Water Soluble Fertilizers are packaged in 25 lb. bags and are distinctly color coded for easy identification. These fertilizers are specifically formulated for use with Proven Winners® and Proven Selections® annual and perennial plants. They are a must have to ensure the greatest growing results!

NOTE: Fertilizers are drop-shipped from supplier, with a five-bag minimum order.

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