Rosa – Pink Home Run®

Garden Height
42 - 48
60 - 72
42 - 48
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This beauty has all the great attributes of Home Run rose - continuous bloom, black spot and mildew resistance and heat tolerance - but with vivid, rich pink flowers.

Just like Home Run it is early to flower and produces fresh flowers every day.

It prefers full sun, and will grow to 3 1/2--4 feet in height and width in your landscape. It is hardy in zones 4-9 and will bring wonderful color to your garden for years. You still have time to plant it this autumn, trim to shape comes spring, then simply sit back and enjoy. No more spraying, we promise!

Like its father (Knock Out), Home Run has excellent resistance to black spot. Unlike Knock Out, Home Run is also completely resistant to powdery mildew and has a higher level of tolerance to downy mildew as well.

  • Continuous Re-Bloom
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Salt Tolerant

Maintenance Notes:

Little care is needed. Trim to shape in spring, and apply a controlled release fertilizer. This rose does not need deadheading or winter protection.

Uses Notes:

Mass plantings, mixed borders. This is a low-maintenance colorful choice for sunny areas.

Maintenance Category: Easy

Water Category: Average

Blooms On: Old Wood

Bloom Time: Late Fall

Hardiness Zones: 9b

Flower Form: Mass Planting

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners