Rhododendron – Dandy Man Color Wheel® – Rhododendron x

Garden Height
48 - 96
48 - 96
48 - 96
Container Role
Flower Size
Flower Colors
Pink, Red, White
Light Level
Part Sun to Sun, Sun
Proven Winners

Winter Interest

Foliage Interest

Maintenance Notes

Like other rhododendron, Dandy Man Color Wheel requires acidic, well-drained soil. A good 2-3"/5-7cm layer of shredded bark mulch does a lot to keep the roots happy and foster the soil conditions that rhododendrons prefer.

May be pruned selectively as desired, but avoid any kind of regular pruning or cutting back. You may remove the spent blooms if you wish, but it is not necessary by any stretch.

Uses Notes

With its robust frame and showy blooms, Dandy Man Color Wheel rhododendron would make a truly memorable specimen, but it can also be planted as a hedge or backdrop for a garden. 

Maintenance Category Easy

Water Category Average

Blooms On Old Wood

Bloom Time

Flower Form Border Plant, Good for Screening, Landscape, Mass Planting, Specimen or Focal Point

Soil PH Category Acidic Soil

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners