Rhododendron – Bloom-A-Thon® White

Garden Height
30 - 36
30 - 42
30 - 36
Container Role
Flower Size
Flower Colors
Light Level
Part Sun to Sun, Sun
Proven Winners

Continuous Re-Bloom

Fun Facts Bloom-A-Thon azaleas are semi-evergreen, which means they keep the foliage at the tips of their branches all year, dropping their inner leaves in winter.

Heat Tolerant

Small / Miniature

Maintenance Notes

For best rebloom, give Bloom-A-Thon azaleas a light, all-over trim when their spring bloom fades. This encourages new growth, which is what will be responsible for producing the flower buds for the rebloom.

If you are growing Bloom-A-Thon azalea at the colder end of its hardiness range, avoid late season planting, which leaves the plant under-prepared for winter's challenges. Do not fertilize any Bloom-A-Thon azalea after mid-July. Like all azaleas and rhododendrons, Bloom-A-Thon reblooming azaleas benefit significantly from a 2-3" thick layer of shredded bark mulch.

Uses Notes

Grouped or in mass plantings, mixed borders, containers, specimen plant. Good for foundation plantings or woodland gardens.

Maintenance Category Moderate

Water Category Average

Blooms On New Wood, Old Wood

Bloom Time

Flower Form Container, Landscape, Specimen or Focal Point

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners