Hydrangea – Invincibelle® Spirit II

Garden Height
42 - 48
42 - 60
42 - 48
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  • Continuous Re-Bloom
  • Dead-Heading Not Necessary
  • Fun Facts

    The pink hydrangea used to develop Invincibelle Spirit II hydrangea was discovered by a graduate student hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  • Native to North America

Maintenance Notes:

We recommend a minimum of four hours of sun for best flower color and stem strength. Invincibelle Spirit II hydrangea can grow in full sun in cooler climates, but afternoon shade is recommended in hot areas. In all areas, a good 2-3" (5-7 cm) layer of shredded bark mulch is recommended to keep the roots cool and growing vigorously.

Prune Invincibelle Spirit II, and all smooth hydrangeas, in early spring, just as the new growth begins to emerge. Cut the whole plant back by about one-third its total height. Many people cut the plant back more severely, but that deprives the plant of the opportunity to develop the strongest, woodiest stems. If you wish, you may prune in fall, once the plant has gone completely dormant.

Deadheading - removing the spent flowers - is not necessary for this plant to continue to bloom. However, you may remove old flowers if you wish. And by all means, cut stems to enjoy indoors - they make a great cut flower and won't be harmed by cutting.

Uses Notes:

Mass plantings, landscapes, naturalizing, cutting gardens, mixed borders.

Maintenance Category: Easy

Water Category: Average

Blooms On: New Wood

Bloom Time: Summer through Fall

Hardiness Zones: 8a

Flower Form: Specimen or Focal Point

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners