Hydrangea – Edgy® Orbits

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36 - 48
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A remarkable plant with double lace-cap blooms. The attractive sepals are hot pink blending to a glowing white edge. Flower color may vary depending on soil pH and the availability of aluminum ions.

Maintenance Notes:

Prune to shape after flowering. Flowers set on previous season's growth, so do not prune severely. Protect overwinter in harsh climates. This plant needs moist, well drained soils. Supplemental watering may be needed in very hot weather. Apply a controlled release fertilizer in early spring. Add aluminum sulfate to the soil to encourage blue flower color.

Uses Notes:

Excellent for mixed borders and cutting gardens.

Maintenance Category: Moderate

Water Category: Average

Blooms On: Old Wood

Bloom Time: Late Summer

Hardiness Zones: 9b

Flower Form: Landscape

pH: B - pH 5.8 - 6.2

EC (2:1 Extraction Method): 0.6

Fertilization: 150 - 300

Light Requirements: Medium

Water Requirements: Moist to Wet

Rooting Out Temperature: 65 - 72° Fahrenheit

Growing On Temperature: 60 - 65° Fahrenheit

Holding Temperature: 40 - 50° Fahrenheit

Planting and Timing Information:

Spring to Summer Finish, 1ppp

Finishing Times [weeks]:

6" and Gallon Pot: 2.25": 8-10 weeks; Quick Turn: 4-6 weeks
10-12" and Two Gallon Pot: 2.25": 12-16 weeks

Pinching and Growth Regulators:

B-9 is effective at controlling height and darkening foliage color. Prune or pinching soon after potting will produce a finished product that doesn't open up when it flowers. The key is to make the first prune at the level of the first set of leaves closest to the soil.

Pest and Disease Management:

Aphids, Leaf Spot, Watch for Mildews

Grower Tips:

Can be produced as a flowering greenhouse pot crop for Mother's Day
H. macrophylla: Lower pH (5.0 to 5.5) will induce bluer flowers. Higher pH (6.0 to 7.0) will induce pinker flowers.

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners