Fothergilla – Legend Of The Fall® – Bottlebrush – Fothergilla x intermedia

Garden Height
48 - 60
48 - 60
48 - 60
Container Role
Flower Size
Flower Colors
Light Level
Part Sun to Sun, Sun
Proven Winners

Resists: Deer

Fragrant Flower

Native to North America

Fall Interest

Maintenance Notes

Bottlebrush is very easy to care for - it prefers average soil and at least four hours of sun each day. It can grow well in shadier conditions, however, it may not flower as prolifically and fall color may not be quite as brilliant in very deep shade. 

This plant should has an appealing natural habit and is not suited to being cut back or trimmed regularly. 

Uses Notes

This lovely native plant lends an informal, natural charm anywhere it is planted. It is especially nice grouped under trees, or planted as a low hedge. It can also be incorporated into flower gardens or wildlife gardens.

Maintenance Category Easy

Water Category Average

Blooms On Old Wood

Bloom Time

Flower Form Border Plant, Edging Plant, Landscape, Mass Planting, Specimen or Focal Point

Soil Fertility Average Soil

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners