Echeveria – Rosea – Echeveria sp.

Garden Height
4 - 6
6 - 8
6 - 8
Container Role
Flower Size
Light Code
Light Level
Sun or Shade
Proven Selections


  • Dead-Heading Not Necessary
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Heat Tolerant

Maintenance Notes:


Maintenance Category: Easy

Water Category: Low

Bloom Time: Grown for Foliage

Hardiness Zones: 11a

Flower Form: Landscape

pH: C - pH 6.0 - 6.5

Fertilization: 100 - 150

Light Requirements: High

Water Requirements: Dry to Moderate

Rooting Out Temperature: 65 - 72° Fahrenheit

Growing On Temperature: 65 - 72° Fahrenheit

Holding Temperature: 55 - 65° Fahrenheit

Planting and Timing Information:

Spring to Summer Finish.

Finishing Times [weeks]:

4-5" and Quart Pot: 10-12
7-9" Pot: 14-20
10-12" and Two Gallon Pot: 22-24

Pinching and Growth Regulators:

None Necessary

Pest and Disease Management:

Standard Pest and Disease practices. A fungicide drench at planting is recommended. Do not overwater at planting to avoid root rot.

Grower Tips:

-VERY low water requirement
-Fungicides at planting
-Let dry between waterings.
-Always maintain high light and good air circulation.
-Do not overwater at planting to avoid root rot.
-Keep in partial shade to avoid leaf burn.

Most succulents will not tolerate a hard frost, use care depending on genus and cultivar.

-Echeveria agavoides is sensitive to cold night temperatures. Do not allow temperatures to fall below 60 degrees at night.

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners