Dalina® Grande Papagaya – Dahlia hybrid

Garden Height
15 - 18
6 - 8
Container Role
Flower Size
Flower Colors
Light Level

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Maintenance Notes

Dahlias form tubers and these tubers can be stored for replanting in the spring. To dig and store tubers follow these directions. First, allow frost to kill the top of the plant then cut back the stems and dig the tubers. Wash off any soil and then allow the tubers to dry. Wrap dry tubers in newspapers or pack them in peat moss. Label each tuber or group of tubers so you know what they are come spring. Store tubers in a dark, cool (35 to 45 F) place. Do not allow tubers to freeze. Deadheading will encourage additional blooming.

Uses Notes

Use in beds, containers or patio pots

Maintenance Category Moderate

Water Category Average

Blooms On
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Bloom Time

Heat Zones s

Flower Form s

Soil Fertility s

Soil PH Category s

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