Dahlia – Dalina® Midi Mariana

Garden Height
8 - 12
6 - 8
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Attracts: Butterflies

Maintenance Notes:

Dahlias form tubers and these tubers can be stored for replanting in the spring. To dig and store tubers follow these directions. First, allow frost to kill the top of the plant then cut back the stems and dig the tubers. Wash off any soil and then allow the tubers to dry. Wrap dry tubers in newspapers or pack them in peat moss. Label each tuber or group of tubers so you know what they are come spring. Store tubers in a dark, cool (35 to 45 F) place. Do not allow tubers to freeze. Deadheading will encourage additional blooming.

Uses Notes:

Great in landscapes and containers.

Maintenance Category: Moderate

Water Category: Average

Bloom Time: Planting to Frost

Hardiness Zones: 11b

Flower Form: Landscape

pH: B - pH 5.8 - 6.2

EC (2:1 Extraction Method): 0.8

Fertilization: 150 - 200

Light Requirements: High

Water Requirements: Moderate to Moist

Rooting Out Temperature: 65 - 72° Fahrenheit

Growing On Temperature: 65 - 72° Fahrenheit

Holding Temperature: 50 - 60° Fahrenheit

Planting and Timing Information:

Early Spring through Fall Finish. Standard PPP.

Finishing Times [weeks]:

4-5" and Quart Pot: 5-6
6" and Gallon Pot: 6-8
7-9" Pot: 8-10
10-12" and Two Gallon Pot: 10-12

Pinching and Growth Regulators:

Pinch one week after liner planting. Small pots may not require any pinching. Second pinch recommended for 8" and larger. B-9 will help control growth if needed.

Pest and Disease Management:

General pest and disease practices as listed in notes. Watch for thrips, white flies and aphids. Powdery Mildew can be problematic, treat as needed.

Grower Tips:

A good 4 inch crop can be produced without spaciing. Colors up evenly among all varieties.

Dalina Midi are best in small pot sizes and we recommended 4 to 4.5 inch pots. Dalina Grande will work best in 6 inch or larger pots.

Dahlias are long day plants. Provide long days or night interruption lighting to induce blooming if finishing before the first of April.

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  • Proven Winners