Cotinus – Winecraft Gold™ – Smokebush – Cotinus coggygria

Garden Height
48 - 72
48 - 72
48 - 72
Container Role
Flower Size
Flower Colors
Green, Pink
Light Level
Part Sun to Sun, Sun
Proven Winners

Resists: Deer

Maintenance Notes

It's best to avoid pruning smokebush regularly, though you may selectively remove branches to attain the shape you desire. It's quite versatile and easy to grow, but do note that this golden selection is a bit less cold tolerant than other smokebush. 

Uses Notes

Makes a lovely specimen or addition to perennial gardens and flower borders.

Maintenance Category Easy

Water Category Average

Blooms On Old Wood

Bloom Time

Flower Form Border Plant, Landscape, Mass Planting, Specimen or Focal Point

Soil Fertility Average Soil

Soil PH Category Acidic Soil, Alkaline Soil, Neutral Soil

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners