Register for the Pleasant View Gardens 2022 Open House
Register for the Pleasant View Gardens 2022 Open House

Plant & Ship


With our new Plant & Ship Program, we supply everything you need. So, you have only one thing to do. Grow.

What do you get? Healthy Proven Winners® rooted plants in Grande containers with tags and trays. It’s your formula for success because our Plant & Ship Program not only provides you with top-performing plants but, since everything’s included, it even helps you reduce your labor costs. Which leaves you just one task: Grow. Give these plants a little more growth time and they’ll be ready to sell. And you’ll be ready to succeed.

Plant & Ship Plants
  • To guarantee shipments, submit orders prior to December 1, 2021. All orders after this date may be limited to in season availability
  • Helps growers reduce start up costs by providing a lower cost alternative to pre-finished programs
  • We do the work. You reap the benefits!
  • Everything is included. Our Enhanced liner, soil, container, tray, tag, and labor.
    You provide the benches and grow time
Liner Size 72 Enhanced & 84 All-Purpose
Container Size 4.25 Grande
Ship Weeks 12-18
Minimum per Variety Increments of 6 Trays per Variety
Order Minimum 2 trolleys/84 trays
Finish Time 4-5 Weeks

Ship weeks 12 to 18: March 20, 2022 – May 7, 2022

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