As a retailer, you know that plants in-color draw consumers’ attention and fly off the benches. So where does that leave your inventory of perennials and shrubs? The ones that aren’t at their peak? They’re not selling. They’re destined for deep discount pricing. You’ve spent time and labor maintaining inventory that doesn’t sell.

This is why Pleasant View Gardens has taken a smart approach to how our shrubs and perennials are grown and sold to retailers. We’ve developed a new program to keep your garden center stocked with fast-selling, in-color plants throughout the season.

ColorSmart is our exciting new program that leverages our 40+ years of growing expertise and our partnership with genetics-leader, Proven Winners®, to deliver bulked 1-gallon and 3-gallon perennials and shrubs cracking with color every two weeks in seasonal blocks. All cultivated for perfectly timed color to reduce shrink, increase retail turns, and bring back hugely satisfied customers. Your cash flow is precious. Don’t tie it up with the slow moving, out of color plants that are past their peak. Get smart. ColorSmart™.