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Order and ship anytime, anywhere with our competitive rates. We’ll determine the best method to ensure your plants arrive in the best condition at the best rate! Easy peasy.

Young Plant Shipping Optimization

Zone Map

There are 9 freight zones 

Minimum Orders

Minimum order for all zones is 30 except for Go & Grow™ Kits. For Zones 8-9 please contact your Customer Relations Representative at 603-435-8361.


Orders below 4 full trays are subject to a $25 handling fee.

Boxed Delivery

Just fill the box to maximize freight efficiency.


Trays per Box
Single Box Double Box Freight Box Single Box Double Box Freight Box Single Box Double Box Freight Box Single Box Double Box Freight Box
8 16 72 4 8 36 3 6 27 2 4 18
64 Half Tray 84 Standard 50D Perennial 32 Enhanced
72 Enhanced 50D Annual 50D Grass
72 Geranium 28 ColorChoice®
72 Begonia
84 Ipomoea

Save Up to 25%

Smart Ship Weeks provide an additional way to save on shipping costs, regardless of the Shipping Option used. Match your delivery date to a Smart Ship Week for the best rates.

All Shipments

  • Liner trays are sorted by tray configuration and then alphabetically for easy loading and verification
  • PVG actively monitors temperatures and alters shipping schedules to minimize the risk of freeze damage
  • PVG cannot guarantee that all orders reaching zone minimums will be shipped via Palletized Truck
  • PVG reserves the right to send shipments using the best method available.

Holiday Weeks

Due to holiday volume and potential delays, we cannot guarantee shipments sent during weeks 51, 52, and 1.

Single box

Single Box

Winter Box: 18 lbs.

21 4/16 x 12 2/16 x 17 6/16

Summer Box: 17 lbs.

20 4/16 x 11 2/16 x 16 6/16

Double Box

Double Box

Winter Box: 36 lbs.

23 4/16 x 21 4/16 x 17 6/16

Summer Box: 34 lbs.

22 4/16 x 20 4/16 x 16 6/16

Freight Box


Self-Propagation Programs


Growers can purchase unrooted cutting material for varieties shown. The purpose of this program is to allow those growers to capitalize on the Proven Winners® brand, while propagating their own liners. Branded containers and stake tags are required to participate in program.

  • Default: 4.25 Grande containers and stake tags will ship unless otherwise specified
  • Option 1: Proven Winners® container plus stake tags
  • Earn Key Points with every plant purchased
  • Subject to additional packing fees

Varieties available through PVG as URCs

Contact PVG to:

  • Place orders for varieties shown
  • Determine container size
  • Schedule a ship week for tag and container delivery
Sweet Caroline Ipomoea  100 2000
ILLUSION® Ipomoea 100 2000
MOJAVE® Portulaca 100 4000
AMAZEL BASIL® 1000 1000

PROGRAM FOR Varieties Purchased from Outside supplier

Contact PVG to:

  • Submit proof of purchase of varieties listed below from your URC/seed supplier
  • Determine container size
  • Schedule a ship week for tag and container delivery
  • Varieties available to Key Account growers only
SURFIRE® Begonia (Seed) Big
BOLDLY Pelargonium (URC) Calliope
Proven Selections® Tag & Container (URC/Seed) Existing Names
  • Proven Selections® varieties must be offered by Pleasant View Gardens

SAVOR Edibles & Fragrants Brand License Program

Our SavorEdibles & Fragrance Program allows you to grow your own liners of any of the Savor varieties and use our brand elements to market your finished product. Create a beautiful and professional looking herb and vegetable section in your store using our attractive and helpful tags, containers, and point-of-purchase materials. And rest easy knowing your customers are supported after the sale with our robust Savor website and social media presence.


  • Submit proof-of-purchase for the varieties ordered from your seed supplier
  • Order Snap-Off® tags with cultural information and recipes
  • Order signage, benchtape and other P.O.P. (Optional)
  • Order 4.0 JIFFY® Savor containers (Optional)
  • Schedule a ship week for tag and container delivery

Proven Accents® Tip Cuttings Program

Any growers can now propagate their own tip cuttings from Proven Accents® varieties, including all Ipomoea varieties. Branded containers and tags are required to particpate in the program.


  • Growers taking tip cuttings must inform the propagator to get the correct amount of tags and pay the appropriate fees and purchase a branded container for all Proven Accents® items produced for the selling season (no only those produced from tip cuttings)
  • Order in quantities of 84 to match tag bundles
  • No maximum order quantity
  • Default: 4.25 Grande containers and stake tag will ship unless otherwise specified
  • If a grower wants to use a 3.5-inch container for Proven Accents®, they can do this, however, they must purchase a Proven Winners® branded 3.5-inch container (regular Proven Winners® branding, no use of Proven Accents®)
  • The following varieties aren’t available as unrooted cuttings from PVG. Purchase liners from PVG or seeds from your seed supplier:

          » Alternanthera PLUM DANDY™

          » Begonia PEGASUS®

          » Dichondra SILVER FALLS™

          » Dracaena Spikes

          » Dorotheanthus MEZOO™ Trailing Red (Growers must obtain their own license from Syngenta to self-propagate this variety and show proof to a PROVEN WINNERS® propagator before marketing this variety as a PROVEN WINNERS® plant)

          » Strobilanthus Persian Shield (Purchase liners from PVG or unrooted cuttings from another supplier)


  • Determine container size and quantity
  • Place orders for tags and containers
  • Schedule a ship week for tag and container delivery

Complete Package Program Tag Options

FlexTag Details

PROVEN WINNERS® requires that each finished container for retail sale must contain a stake tag that lists the variety-specific growing and patent information. We send you enough tags to stick to those guidelines, but in some cases, you might receive more tags than you need.

Get rid of the extra plastic with FlexTag. They help you reduce the number of tags received when ordering:

  • Multiple plants per container
  • Monoculture hanging baskets and large containers
  • For landscape use
  • Recipes
PVG Complete Package Program -

Automatically Supplied

1:1 (4 tags : 4 liners)

PVG Complete Package Program - FlexTag Option

FlexTag Option

1:4 ( 1 tag : 4 liners)

FlexTag Ordering Information

  • Order minimum is 2 trays per any variety
  • Place your FlexTag order separately from your standard order
  • Stake tags are bundled according to number of plants per liner tray; the nearest bundle count to cover your needs will be supplied, so you may receive a few extra tags

Custom Recipe Container Garden Tags

Want the clean look of a single tag for your custom recipes?

Order Recipe container garden tags made just for you.

  • Recipes must be at least 75% PW
  • Orders must be placed by November 1st
  • Custom tags may incur an additional cost; talk with our Customer Relations team to learn more.
Tag Purchase Required? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tag Type Recipe specific container
garden tag
Stake tag
Generic container
garden tag + stake tag
Custom recipe container
garden tag
Stake tag Stake tag
Generic container
garden tag + stake tag
Stake tag
Ratio Options 1:3 or 1:6*
tags: liners
1:1*, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6
tags: liners
1:1*, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6
tags: liners
1:1*, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6
tags: containers
1:1* or as few as 1:20
for non-retail sales,
tags: liners

*Automatically supplied ratio

PVG Stake Tag

Stake tag

Contains variety-specific growing and
patent information

Recipe container garden tag

Recipe container garden tag

Contains variety-specific growing and
patent information

Generic container garden tag

Does not contain variety-specific growing
and patent information

Finished Plant Shipping Optimization


  • Order directly with Pleasant View Gardens by phone, fax, or email.
  • Order directly with The Yard by phone, 603-227-9050, or by visiting the Pembroke location, 830 North Pembroke Road, Pembroke, NH 03275.
  • Subscribe to our weekly availability by contacting Customer Relations at sales@pwpvg.com.

Calculate Your Freight

Zone Minimum
ZONE 1 $500 $160
ZONE 2 $500 $190
ZONE 3 $750 $260
ZONE 4 $1,000 $330
ZONE 5 $2,500 $450
ZONE 6 $5,000 $980

Delivery Schedule

Order cut-off time is 5:00pm 2 days prior to delivery day request. For example: Monday at 5:00pm is the cut-off for Wednesday deliveries.

Pleasant View Gardens zone map

Pick-Up Orders

Pick-Up location:
The Yard at Pleasant View
830 North Pembroke Rd.
Pembroke NH 03275
Pick-Up Time: 8:30 am -3:00 pm
Pick Up Days: Monday-Friday

The Yard at Pleasant View Gardens

All orders prearranged for pick-up can be picked-up at our Pembroke location – The Yard. All pick-up orders require a 48-hour lead time to ensure availability and selection. Please contact your Customer Relations Representative or The Yard to place your order or schedule your pick-up time. If you would like to select your own material without prearranging an order, please visit The Yard for a wide selection of quality products.


Transit Damage
Pleasant View is committed to delivering your order at the time requested and in good condition. All reasonable claims for damage sustained during shipping on Pleasant View Gardens’ trucks will be honored. Please note on the driver’s delivery ticket if there is damage to your order. All plant material that has been damaged in delivery must be returned to Pleasant View Gardens on the day of delivery in order for credit to be issued.

Quality or Order Shortages
For claims due to quality or order shortages please make note of the items on the driver’s delivery report. All plant material that is of unacceptable quality must be returned to Pleasant View Gardens on the day of delivery. Credit will not be issued for quality claims made after two days of receiving your order.

Customer Pick-Ups
Please take a moment to review your paperwork and plant quality prior to leaving Pleasant View Gardens. Any and all quality concerns or shortages need to be written by the customer on the Pleasant View Gardens paperwork before signing for plant material. Claims for quality and shortages will not be honored once the plant material has been picked-up and signed for.

Orders not picked up as scheduled become the financial responsibility of the customer. Please contact Pleasant View Gardens Claims Department at claims@pwpvg.com with all claims concerns.


Payment terms are Net 30 days for accounts with established credit. COD payments must be made at the time of delivery or pick-up of orders. Credit Card Payments will be processed within 24 hours of delivery unless other payment terms have been arranged with our Accounts Receivable Department.

Please contact Pleasant View Gardens Accounts Receivable Department at ARDept@pwpvg.com with all terms and accounts receivable concerns.

7316 Pleasant Street, Loudon, NH 03307 Office: 603-435-8361

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