Success isn’t just found, it’s grown.

Your success depends on more than just access to the highest quality plants – you also need a supplier committed to delivering unparalleled support. Our promise to provide outstanding plants and customer service are the values that our family built Pleasant View Gardens on when they first opened in 1976, and they’re the values we continue to uphold today. 

As a cofounder of PROVEN WINNERS®, we’re proud to offer our customers a robust selection of PROVEN WINNERS® award-winning plants. Carefully chosen through a rigorous 2-year trialing process at locations across the country, PROVEN WINNERS® plants simply have the industry’s best genetics. There’s no competition; PROVEN WINNERS® is the #1 plant brand.

Superior Genetics, Unrivaled Marketing Support, and Partners in Success
PROVEN WINNERS® plants have earned thousands of university trial awards for their superior genetics. Each plant we offer has gone through two years of rigorous trialing and was selected for its exceptional performance. Beyond that, we offer the unparalleled marketing power of PROVEN WINNERS®: Our programs’ reach builds awareness and generates demand to drive sales to you, so you can focus on growing. Bottom line, there’s something we care about more than plants – you. Our expert Growing and R&D teams ensure you receive the healthiest, highest quality plants, and we provide outstanding customer service to help your business flourish.

Enhanced™ Liners
Our high-performance Enhanced™ liners are a more robust plug that will finish quicker than the standard plug. These do not require additional pinching or growth regulators, so you don’t have to spend additional time cherry-picking to ship your product. With our Enhanced™ liners, your crop time and labor costs are greatly reduced.

Prefinished Program
With our Prefinished Program everything is included; we provide trays, tags, and branded containers with PROVEN WINNERS® plants rooted to the pots. All they need is a few weeks’ growing time and they are ready to sell. Our Prefinished Program gives you more variety on your bench, additional crop turn, and decreased labor time, to help increase your Spring profits.

Plant & Ship™
Healthy PROVEN WINNERS® Enhanced™ plugs arrive to you planted in Grande™ containers with tags and trays. Everything’s included to help you reduce your labor costs. With Plant & Ship™, we do the prep work for you, so all you need to do is give them a little more growth time and they’re ready to sell.

From weeks 5-15, we increase our inventory for early to late season liners to have an abundant supply of over 40 of the most-popular, in-demand PROVEN WINNERS® varieties. These are what we call Never-Outs, varieties that fly off the bench in full trays that retailers always need.

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