50 Streamliners™ (50M)

  • Three cuttings in each cell make combinations fast and easy
  • Each variety is stuck in its own dibble hole
  • Decreases transplanting time
  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Cost savings over purchasing individual liners
  • Fewer trays to manage
Liner Size 50 count
Sold as 50 count
Liner Ship Weeks 5 to 20
Suggested Containers Liners Per Container Crop Time (Wks)
6.5 1 6
1.0 Gallon Royale™ 1 8
10.0 HB 2 7 to 8
Best Application Easy, ready-made recipes
Tray Dimensions 20″ L x 10″ W x 1 1/16″ H

Streamliners™ (50M)











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fast & easy combinations

Creating the perfect combination is the culmination of endless tinkering, rigorous testing, and constant refinement. We take pride in developing unique and colorful combinations that consistently perform in gardens across the country.

Creating the perfect multiple cutting liner follows a similar rigorous commitment to quality and to your success. It would be easy for us to group the cuttings together and stuff them into a single dibble hole like many growers do. But we know that won’t guarantee your success. You’ll likely experience weak or poorly rooted varieties as a result. And that means your recipes will suffer.

Instead of using the easy method above, PVG dibbles each cell with three equally spaced holes and sticks each cutting individually. This gives each cutting the best soil contact and the best opportunity to thrive. Additionally, when the Streamliners™ call for small caliber cuttings like Lobelia, we stick two cuttings per hole to ensure rooting success. In turn, the combinations started from PVG’s Streamliners™ are strong, healthy, vibrant, and all components of the combination are well represented throughout the finished recipe container.

What Streamliners™ Mean for You:

  • Speed and ease
  • Easy to plant
  • Easy to grow
  • Top selling proven combinations
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Reduced shipping cost
  • Reduced crop time
  • Increased production efficiencies
  • Consistent and uniform combinations

How Do We Make Streamliners™:

  • Plants stuck in three separate holes per cell provide better rooting and plant vigor
  • Smaller caliber cuttings like Lobelia and Lobularia are double stuck to ensure excellent rooting
  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners