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Pleasant View Gardens nursery, serving growers for nearly 50 years.

We’ve always believed true beauty comes from equal parts sunlight, soil, water, fertilizer, and people. We believe that today as strongly as we did almost 50 years ago, when Pleasant View Gardens first got started. And what a beautiful journey it’s been.

Pleasant View is all about growing. In all our years, we’ve learned a thing or two. How to raise healthy plants and flowers, how to cultivate strong, trusting relationships with our customers, and how to make a happy home in the community. Nearly 50 years of growing success is what we call it. And this is just the beginning.


In this exciting year, we expanded our capacity to the tune of 3 acres of new greenhouse space at our Pembroke location. That meant more room to meet our customers’ needs, and more than 600,000 additional plants each year.


The clock struck 2017 and we launched lēf Farms, the first hydroponic facility of its kind in New England. We grow more than 1.5 million pounds of fresh greens each year.


We replaced the last of our free-standing greenhouses with a spanking new 55,000-square foot, gutter-connected greenhouse. Always looking for new ways to improve our efficiency.

We launched a fresh new line of herbs and vegetables under the brand name Savor, introducing the market to a robust offering of more than 150 varieties.


The third generation of Huntingtons got actively involved in the business and we were looking forward to passing the torch to future generations.


Knowing that guesswork isn’t much fun, we rolled out our first Go & Grow Kits. They made things easier for our customers and marked a big improvement in their overall experience working with PVG.


With efficiency and customer success on our minds, we began LEAN manufacturing to cut down on unnecessary waste in our process.


By now we had two facilities covering nearly 30 acres, with more than 120 full-time employees (250 in the busy season). At our peak, we were producing over 4,000 trays per day.


This year saw the opening of The Yard. Customers now had fast, convenient access to quality plant material including annuals, perennials, grasses, shrubs, and herbs. That same year, we continued expansion of our state-of-the-art growing facilities.


With an eye turned toward sustainability and the environment, we installed one of the industry’s first biomass burners. It reduced our oil dependency and cut our heating costs by nearly 85%.


Knowing that innovation is the lifeblood of any healthy company, we introduced programs like Enhanced Liners, Fast Tracks, Plant & Ship, and Pre-Finished that helped customers cut crop times by as much as 50%.


We were really spreading our wings. We got back together with the Proven Winners partners and purchased an offshore stock facility in Costa Rica called Ticoplant.


The year 2000. Amid the celebration of the new millennium, we joined up with a breeder of new plant genetics called Plant 21. They were Proven Winners® partners so we knew we could count on them for big things.


Microsoft had become the world’s biggest company, Titanic was tops at the box office, and Pleasant View Gardens was expanding. We bought 17 acres of a reclaimed gravel pit in Pembroke, New Hampshire, and built a seven-bay greenhouse.


This was a banner year for us. We were a founding partner of a coordinated effort to breed a better plant. We created them to be disease-resistant, longer lasting, have better color retention, and produce much better garden performance than your average plant. We called them Proven Winners. They would go on to become America’s #1 plant brand.


It was the year Charles and Diana got hitched, the first space shuttle was launched, and we had begun liner sales through our broker network. We were forging new ground, boxing and shipping our product by air and truck outside New England. Exciting times for sure.


The beginning: Moving from the Rippe Brothers family-owned farm in Connecticut, the Huntingtons purchased Pleasant View Gardens in Loudon, NH. It looked like three greenhouses, ten employees, and a dream but it was home to us. We began serving local florists through 100% walk-in trade.


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