A cheerful combination of fun foliage, bright blossoms, and edible summertime staples make this garden the perfect setting to spend time with friends and family.


Ipomoea hybrid – Proven Accents® Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Mahogany – Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

Tomato – Tempting Tomatoes® Goodhearted Tomato

Proven Accents® Big Leaf Creeping Wire Vine Muehlenbeckia

Heuchera – Primo® ‘Pistachio Ambrosia’

Ipomoea – Proven Accents® Sweet Caroline Raven

Ipomoea batatas – Proven Accents® Sweet Caroline Medusa™ Green

Dichondra – Proven Accents® Silver Falls™

Artemisia – Proven Accents® Silver Bullet

Aptenia – Proven Accents® Mezoo™ Trailing Red

Impatiens x hybrida – SunPatiens® Compact Deep Red

Solanum lycopersicum – Tempting Tomatoes® Bellini – Cocktail Tomato

Lantana camara – Luscious® Royale Lemon Tart

Cyperus prolifer – Graceful Grasses® Queen Tut

Begonia x hybrida – Surefire® Cherry Cordial

Begonia semperflorens – Double Up™ Red

Bidens – Goldilocks Rocks®

Coleus – ColorBlaze® Chocolate Drop

Coleus – ColorBlaze® Golden Dreams™

Coleus – ColorBlaze® Royale Cherry Brandy®

Colocasia esculenta – Coffee Cups

Colocasia – Royal Hawaiian® Maui Gold

ColorBlaze® El Brighto

Gomphrena – Truffula Pink

Lantana camara – Luscious® Royale Red Zone

Tomato – Garden Treasure Improved

Sage – Wise Old Sage Sage

Plectranthus – Proven Accents® Swedish Ivy

Rosemary – Shish Kabob Rosemary

Oregano – Pizza Night Oregano

Parsley – Pasta Perfect Parsley

Basil – Proven Harvest® Amazel Basil®

Lavender – Fields Of Fringed Lavender

Helichrysum – Proven Accents® White Licorice

Cilantro – Simply Salsa Cilantro

Chives – Baked Potato Chives

Alternanthera – Proven Accents® Plum Dandy™

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