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Complete Package Program
Pleasant View Gardens Proven Winners Container

Soda in a red can. Packages in a brown truck. Plants in this simple white container.

We did our homework, and we found that familiar brands sell better than unfamiliar ones. That’s how we know plants in branded Proven Winners® containers sell better than ones that aren’t. Plants displayed in unbranded packaging creates doubt in the mind of a prospective buyer. Is this plant the real deal? But when customers see plants in these authentic containers, it gives them the peace of mind and the confidence that what they’re buying is the best plant on the market. It’s the genuine article. And what grower or retailer wouldn’t want to sell as many plants as they could? Keep scrolling to learn how these simple but powerful containers and the new Complete Package Program will help you sell with more confidence and more success.

What is the complete package program?

All Proven Winners plants now require a container (and tag)

Product Lines Included

  • NEW: All Proven Winners® annuals, including Proven Accents®, Graceful Grasses®, and Proven Harvest®
  • Proven Winners® Perennials, Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs, and Heart to Heart® Caladiums by Proven Winners® already require a branded container

Product Lines Not Included

  • Proven Selections®, Savor Edibles & Fragrants, and Mums & Asters are excluded from this program


Non-retail sales

  • Sales to botanical gardens, public gardens, conservatories, and trial sites with confirmation that plants are not being re-sold
  • Orders for landscape installations

Hanging Baskets and Combination Planters

  • Tag Exchange Program
    • Growers can substitute a container style tag
    • Receive 1 variety specific stake tag and one container style tag for approximately every six plants ordered
    • At least 75% of plants in a combination must be Proven Winners® or Proven Selections or a combination of both to use a Proven Winners® container style tag
  • Go & Grow Hanging Basket or Enhanced® Fast(est) Finish Kits make ordering easy
    • Choose your recipes and we’ll handle the rest
    • Three liner trays and recipe-specific hanging basket tags come with each of our Go & Grow Hanging Basket and Enhanced ® Fast(est) Finish Kits
    • Branded containers are automatically removed from your orders of these Go & Grow kits
Download the printed Complete Package Program Guide

Download our complete Guide

Who is affected?

All growers and garden centers within the United States where the final product is intended to be (re)sold to retail consumers

Where is this program effective?

The United States, including Alaska and Hawaii

When is the program launch date?

All liner orders scheduled to ship after November 1, 2021

All retail sales of Proven Winners® plants in Spring of 2022

Proven Winners® Supertunia

Ordering the Complete Package Program

Container Details

What are the container options/what will PVG inventory?

3.5 Co-Ex (Proven Accents®) 3.5″ x 3.38″ EJ 0.769/363.87 1,950
1.0 Quart Proven Winners® Co-Ex 4.7″ X 5.0″ EJ 1.0 qt/946 700
4.25 PW Grande Self-Symetricize Co-Ex 4.33″ X 5.13″ EJ 1.71/809 840 336
4.50 PW Classic Co-Ex 4.5″ x 3.75″ EJ 1.42/671.91 1,000 336
6.50 Proven Winners® Co-Ex 6.5″ X 5.00″ EJ 2.0 qt/1.89 L 300
1.0 Gallon Royale Co-Ex 6.3″ x 6.375″ EJ 2.5 qt/2.36 L 270
4.25 PW Grande Self-Symetricize Injection 4.25″ X 4.94″ HC 1.56/740 440 336
4.50 PW Classic Self-Symetricize Injection 4.50″ X 3.81″ HC 1.31/619.8 1,050 336
4.25 PW Grande Co-Ex 4.25″ x 5.38″ HC 1.60/757 500 336
8.50 Proven Winners® Injection 8.50″ X 5.81″ HC 3.93 qt/3.71 L 130
Proven Winners® Trade Gallon Co-Ex 6.13″ X 6.5″ NSI 2.6 qt/2.48 L 50
Proven Winners® Premium 1 Gallon Co-Ex 7.5″ X 7.13″ NSI 4 qt/3.79 L 50
1 Gallon ColorChoice® Co-Ex 7.5″ X 7.13″ NSI 4 qt/3.79 L 28
2 Gallon ColorChoice® Co-Ex 8.88″ X 9.38″ NSI 8 qt /7.51 L 28
3 Gallon ColorChoice® Co-Ex 10.5″ X 12″ NSI 12 qt/11.36 L 28
  • 3.5” container is only for Proven Accents®
  • East Jordan Plastics and H.C. Companies are the approved manufacturers

NEW: Eco+Grande is a recyclable/compostable, non-plastic alternative

  • Has the look and feel of real plastic
  • Made from plant material grown in the U.S.
  • Contains natural and organic nutrients built right into the container which release into the soil as the container decomposes
  • Eliminates the need for consumers to feed plants weekly
  • Run through your equipment just like real plastic

Custom Options

  • Proven Winners® will consider requests by growers to use a different container on an exception basis
    • The different container must meet a need not filled by existing Proven Winners® containers (spacing, size, etc.)
    • Proven Winners® must approve the branding, artwork and color printing
    • The container must have four Proven Winners® logos
    • Proven Winners® will establish the price for the container with the vendor
    • The grower must meet the container vendor’s order timing and minimums
    • To date, a square pot is not allowed as they cannot be printed
Proven Winners® Superbells
Tray Details

What are the options?

  • Trays are not required, but encouraged.
12-Count Tray for 3.5″ Co-Ex Container 12.125″ x 9.25″ EJ 100
1.0 Quart 8 Count Tray white – (for Co-Ex pots) 19.0″ x 9.625″ EJ 100
1.0 Gallon Royale 3 Count Tray – white (for Co-Ex pots) 19.0″ x 12.625″ EJ 100
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize 10 count tray – white (for Co-Ex pots) 21.625″ x 8.625″ EJ 100 34
4.50 PW Classic 10 Count Tray (for Co-Ex pots) 22.375″ x 8.6875″ EJ 100 34
6.5 6 Count Tray – white (for Co-Ex pots) 19.375″ x 13.12″ EJ 50
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize 10 count tray – white (for Co-Ex pots) 21″x 8.5″ HC 50 34
4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize 10 count tray – white (for Injection pots) 22.41″ x 8.97″ HC 50 34
4.50 PW Classic Self-Symetricize 8 Count Tray (for Injection pots) 19.44″ x 10.0″ HC 50 42
  • 3.5” container is only for Proven Accents®
  • East Jordan Plastics and H.C. Companies are the approved manufacturers
  • Branded container/tray combinations are specific to manufacturer

Placing an Order

  • Containers and trays should be ordered at the same time as young plant liner orders are placed with plant brokers
    • Container orders may be placed earlier than young plant liners in order to take advantage of discounts or to maximize shipping savings
    • If no container selection is made, PVG will automatically ship the corresponding number of Grande Co-Ex containers from East Jordan Plastics and matching 10-count trays
  • Orders will be fulfilled and invoiced by Pleasant View Gardens through brokers
    • Proven Winners® branded containers will no longer be inventoried or sold by hard-goods distributors
    • Exception
      • Orders for existing customers that are already direct ship customers for Proven Winners® items can be placed directly with H.C., H.C. distributors, or East Jordan Plastics and will be invoiced accordingly
  • Pleasant View will work carefully with each customer to assist /review their container production needs, existing inventory, “left-overs” from previous season, and all possible container options

Ordering Options

  • At time of young plant liner orders, one of these container options for containers should be specified:
2 or less trays per variety
Option 1: Containers

Option 1:

Indicate which container or it defaults to Grandes

Option 2: No Containers

Option 2:
No Containers

Landscape, direct orders,
Go & Grow kits,
pre-purchased or existing inventory


Option 3:

Alternate to Tag Exchange. Receive stake tags for all and half or more of the containers

Option 3: Tag Exchange

Option 4:
Tag Exchange

At 6:1 ratio (6 ppp)

Charge per HB tag

More than 2 trays per variety
Option 1: Containers

Option 1:

Indicate which container or it defaults to Grandes

Option 2: No Containers

Option 2:
No Containers

Landscape, direct orders,
Go & Grow kits,
pre-purchased or existing inventory

Option 3: Tag Exchange

Option 3:
Tag Exchange

At 6:1 ratio (6 ppp)

Charge per HB tag

Shipping Details

When will containers and trays arrive?

  • Months ahead
    • Ensures inventory is on-hand when you need it
    • Allows growers to pre-fill containers as labor is available
  • 1-2 Weeks prior
    • For smaller orders where shipping earlier is more costly
  • With Plants
    • For at-once orders, container and plants will ship together

Pleasant View will work with customers to fit their production needs

  • PVG will consolidate branded container orders and, possibly, pre-ship months prior to plants

Credits & Claims

  • Credits for young plant liners and containers will be handled independently
  • Containers will not be credited in the case of young plant liner quality issues or transit damage