Complete Package Program

The Complete Package Program was created knowing plants in branded PROVEN WINNERS® pots sell better. That’s because when gardeners see plants in these authentic white containers with the recognizable variety tags, they’re confident knowing they’re buying the best plants on the market.

2024 Complete Package Components

PROVEN WINNERS® Branded Container

1. The PROVEN WINNERS® Branded Container:

  • Required for single pot production
  • Optional for recipes or landscape production
  • Growers choose size of containers needed and quantities to order
  • Containers are NOT added automatically to orders
  • Containers may be purchased at any time, to make ordering easier
  • Containers may be purchased in quantities greater than the number of liners purchased, so growers can gain volume pricing discounts and more easily manage inventory
  • Carry trays are suggested and encouraged, but not required


  • Required for all types of production
  • Pleasant View Garden’s Go & Grow Hanging Basket and Fast(est) Finish kits automatically ship with Recipe-Specific Container Garden Tags
  • Liner trays automatically ship with stake tags for Single Pot production
  • FlexTag Option, where growers can now choose the quantities of tags based on their planting ratios, providing the flexibility to dramatically reduce the number of bundled tags received with liner orders

Ordering Process

To better align with growers’ production needs, we’ve simplified the Complete Package Program for 2024 and added more flexibility. Just follow the three-step process below and you’ll be on your way to fewer tags and more success in no time.

Superbells Lemon Slice

Determine your plant needs

How many PROVEN WINNERS® liners will you need for a single pot, recipes, and landscape production?


Select size and quantity of containers

Select the size and quantity of branded containers that you need. Branded containers are optional for recipes and landscape use.


Customize the Tag Quantities

Do you grow recipe combinations or plant multiple liners in a container and want to receive fewer tags?

Container Details

Superbells Tropical Sunrise

ECO+Grande™ containers are a new option for growers and retailers. The PROVEN WINNERS® ECO+ Grande™ is an industrial compostable garden pot, made from PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is comprised of starchy renewable plants like corn, switchgrass, and sugar beets. Starch from these materials is processed into a biopolymer that looks, acts, and performs like traditional plastics. The ECO+Grande™ manufacturing process is similar to injection manufacturing and creates thick, heavy walled containers. They are easily identified by the pull tabs on the sides to be removed by consumers prior to planting the entire container in the garden.

Surefire Cherry Cordial

Coex or coextruded containers became available more recently than injection molded containers. In this manufacturing method, rolls of flattened plastic are fed through a die where it is stretched into shape. This creates containers that have smooth, thin walls and are much more flexible than injection containers– Coex pots tend to crumple and crush rather than crack. Coex containers are most recognized by the rolled lip at the top and are gray or black on the inside with a white exterior.

ColorChoice 3gall container

Blow molded containers are known as ‘nursery cans’ and have been used by perennial and shrub growers for many years. These containers are manufactured by clamping a mold around a balloon of hot plastic while air continues to push the plastic into the final shape. This process evolved from glassblowing. The end container has thin, flexible walls and is recognized by the dimples along the bottom of the container. PROVEN WINNERS® blow molded containers are white on the outside and black on the inside similar to coex containers.

Superbells Grape Punch

Injection molded containers have been available for a long time. In this manufacturing method, molten plastic is ‘injected’ into a mold, allowed to cool slightly, and the containers are ejected from the mold. This very precise manufacturing method creates the best tag-lock system for PROVEN WINNERS® stake tags. The thick walls of the containers are strong and rigid but will crack if flexed too much particularly in cold temperatures. Injection containers are generally recognizable by their large rim at the top.

Complete Package Program Containers and Trays

Below are all the container and tray options for the Complete Package Program, including container number, the trays it fits, the type and brand of container, as well as the dimensions and case counts.

Container # Fits Tray# Size Name Type Brand Diameter Height Man. Volume Volume Case Count
C1 T1 3.5 Coex PROVEN ACCENTS® 3.50 3.38 EJ 0.77 pt 363.9 ml 1,950
C2 T2 4.25 Grande Coex PROVEN SELECTIONS® 4.33 5.13 EJ 1.71 pt 809.0 ml 840
C3 T2 4.25 Grande Coex PROVEN WINNERS® 4.33 5.13 EJ 1.71 pt 809.0 ml 840
C4 T3, T10 4.25 Grande Injection PROVEN WINNERS® 4.25 4.94 HC 1.56 pt 740.0 ml 440
C5 T3, T10 4.25 ECO+Grande ECO+ PROVEN WINNERS® 4.25 4.94 PW 1.57 pt 743.0 ml 300
C6 T4 4.5 Classic Coex PROVEN WINNERS® 4.50 3.75 EJ 1.42 pt 671.9 ml 1,000
C7 T5 4.5 Classic Injection PROVEN WINNERS® 4.50 3.81 HC 1.31 pt 619.8 ml 400
C8 T6 1 Quart Coex PROVEN WINNERS® 4.70 5.00 EJ 1.00 qt 946.0 ml 700
C9 T7 6.5 Coex PROVEN WINNERS® 6.50 5.00 EJ 2.00 qt 1.9 liter 300
C10 T8 Trade Gallon Royale® Coex PROVEN WINNERS® 6.30 6.38 EJ 2.50 qt 2.4 liter 270
C11 n/a Trade Gallon Blow PROVEN WINNERS® 6.13 6.50 NSI 2.60 qt 2.5 liter 50
C12 n/a 1 Gallon Premium 1 Gallon Blow PROVEN WINNERS® 7.50 7.13 NSI 1.00 gal 3.8 liter 50
C13 n/a 1 Gallon Blow PROVEN WINNERS® ColorChoice® 7.50 7.13 NSI 1.00 gal 3.8 liter 28
C14 n/a 2 Gallon Blow PROVEN WINNERS® ColorChoice® 8.88 9.38 NSI 2.00 gal 7.7 liter 28
C15 n/a 3 Gallon Blow PROVEN WINNERS® ColorChoice® 10.50 12.00 NSI 3.00 gal 11.4 liter 28
C16 T9 4.25 Grande Coex PROVEN WINNERS® 4.25 5.38 HC 1.60 pt 757.0 ml 500
C17 T2 4.25 Grande Injection PROVEN WINNERS® 4.33 5.13 EJ 1.71 pt 809.0 ml 660
C18 T11, T12 1 Quart Quart Coex PROVEN WINNERS® 4.62 5.25 HC 1.00 qt 946.0 ml 400
C19 T13 1 Quart Quart Injection PROVEN WINNERS® 4.62 4.69 HC 1.94 pt 917.9 ml 400
C20 T14 6.5 6.5 inch Injection PROVEN WINNERS® 6.50 4.94 HC 2.01 qt 1.9 liter 300
C21 n/a 8.0 8.0 inch Injection PROVEN WINNERS® 8.00 5.62 HC 3.27 qt 3.1 liter 270
C22 T15, T16 Trade Gallon Royale® Coex PROVEN WINNERS® 6.50 6.50 HC 2.50 qt 2.4 liter 150
C23 T17 Trade Gallon Royale® Injection PROVEN WINNERS® 6.50 7.00 HC 2.72 qt 2.6 liter 150


Tray # Fits
Container #
Container Size Features For Type Carry Tray Capacity Length Width Man. Case Count
T1 C1 3.5 inch Coex 12 count 12.13 9.25 EJ 100
T2 C2, C3 4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize Coex 10 count 21.63 8.63 EJ 100
T3 C4, C5 4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize Injection 10 count 22.41 8.97 HC 50
T4 C6 4.5 Classic Coex 10 count 8.69 22.38 EJ 100
T5 C7 4.5 Classic Self-Symetricize Injection 8 count 19.44 10.00 HC 50
T6 C8 Quart Coex 8 count 19.00 9.63 EJ 100
T7 C9 6.5 inch Coex 6 count 19.38 13.12 EJ 50
T8 C10 Trade Gallon Royale® Coex 3 count 19.00 12.63 EJ 100
T9 C16 4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize Coex 10 count 21.00 8.50 HC 50
T10 C4, C5 4.25 Grande Self-Symetricize Injection 8 count 17.88 9.00 HC 50
T11 C18 Quart Coex 8 count 19.50 10.00 HC 50
T12 C18 Quart Coex 10 count 23.00 9.06 HC 50
T13 C19 Quart Injection 8 count 19.50 10.00 HC 50
T14 C20 6.5 inch Injection 6 count 19.19 13.25 HC 50
T15 C22 Trade Gallon Royale® Coex 3 count 19.75 6.75 HC 50
T16 C22 Trade Gallon Royale® Coex 6 count 20.62 13.87 HC 50
T17 C23 Trade Gallon Royale® Injection 3 count 20.00 6.63 HC 50

Contact our Customer Relations Team for more information and assistance on ordering Non-Stock items.

Tag Details


PROVEN WINNERS® requires that each finished container for retail sale must contain a stake tag that lists the variety-specific growing and patent information. We send you enough tags to stick to those guidelines, but in some cases, you might receive more tags than you need.


FlexTag helps you reduce the number of tags received when ordering:

  • Multiple plants per container
  • Monoculture hanging baskets and large containers
  • For landscape use
  • Recipes
PVG Complete Package Program -

Automatically Supplied

1:1 (4 tags : 4 liners)

PVG Complete Package Program - FlexTag Option

FlexTag Option

1:4 ( 1 tag : 4 liners)

FlexTag Ordering Information

  • Order minimum is 2 trays per any variety
  • Place your FlexTag order separately from your standard order
  • Stake tags are bundled according to number of plants per liner tray; the nearest bundle count to cover your needs will be supplied, so you may receive a few extra tags

Custom Recipe Container Garden Tags

Want the clean look of a single tag for your custom recipes?

Order Recipe container garden tags made just for you.

  • Recipes must be at least 75% PW
  • Orders must be placed by November 1st

Custom tags may incur an additional cost; talk with our Customer Relations team to learn more.

Tag Purchase Required? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tag Type Recipe specific container
garden tag
Stake tag
Generic container
garden tag + stake tag
Custom recipe container
garden tag
Stake tag Stake tag
Generic container
garden tag + stake tag
Stake tag
Ratio Options 1:3 or 1:6*
tags: liners
1:1*, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6
tags: liners
1:1*, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6
tags: liners
1:1*, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6
tags: containers
1:1* or as few as 1:20
for non-retail sales,
tags: liners

*Automatically supplied ratio

PVG Stake Tag

Stake tag

Contains variety-specific growing and
patent information

Recipe container garden tag

Recipe container garden tag

Contains variety-specific growing and
patent information

Generic container garden tag

Does not contain variety-specific growing
and patent information

  • Proven Winners
  • Proven Winners