Front Porch Garden There's something we care for more than plants. You. Southern facing garden You could say we love what we do but it's more of an obsession. Proven Harvest polinator garden True beauty comes from equal parts sunlight, soil, water, fertilizer and people. Stone house with a front yard garden Knowledge, personal attention, support, deep satisfaction all standard. The best plants and the best timing aren't just in our greenhouse. They're in our genes.

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Buy annuals, ornamentals, shrubs, and herbs from Pleasant View Gardens.

Pleasant View Gardens is a national supplier of young plant liners and finished plants to wholesale growers, garden centers, and landscapers. Established in Loudon, New Hampshire in 1976, Pleasant View is a founding partner of Proven Winners®, America’s number one plant brand. Pleasant View Gardens operates 30 acres of greenhouse and outdoor growing space turning out nearly 5,000 liner trays every day during peak production.

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Want to get a look at all the exciting new varieties for 2025? Our new plants have been grown based on incredible research and proven genetics that will capture more consumer attention than ever before.

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Our Grower-On-Call service personalizes the growing experience for you. Veronica has a lifetime of personal and professional garden experience and is available 24/7 to answer your questions or respond to an emergency.

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